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Nero Linux 3 Redesigned

Nero Linux 3

Nero AG has released the first beta version of the burning software NERO Linux 3. Nero Linux 3 has been redesigned to maximize ease of use, efficiency, and speed with next-generation disc formats.

What’s the new? The graphic interface has been updated and its now “richer” and more integrated with the Gnome Desktop. They used GTK2 graphical libraries to develop it. That makes it almost classentical to it’s Windows counterpart, Nero Burning ROM 7 Edition.

Screenshot Nero Linux 3

The most interesting update regards its new functions, its the first Linux application to offer the powerful Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD data burning support. Its necessary to note that the HD DVD is really something new given that at this moment the Open Source Initiative (OSI) offers an incomplete support for High Definition DVD standard. Nero Linux 3 is available in RPM for Red Hat, Fedora Core e Mandriva and DEB for Debian GNU/Linux and Debian based distros like Ubuntu and variants.

Nero Linux 3 for Linux can be downloaded for trial from the Nero website. The license costs € 19.99.


  1. EcoWeb
    4:27 pm on June 5th, 2007

    Dear Nero CD burner,
    Sorry but I am so happy with K3B the Open Source Cd Burner by http://www.kde.org, that I really don’t need you and your closed code.

    Good Luck … because you and your proprietary code are very late. Pay attention because here in the Free World of Open Source things are different from the closed world of Windows. Here open content and open source make things easier.

    You say you are free(ware). I like free as I like free beer only if I know the person is offering a beer that normally I pay. Normally I DO prefer helping open source software grow in a community as in GNU-linux.



  2. Tim Fuchs
    11:57 pm on July 26th, 2007

    It’s not freeware, it costs 20 bucks.

  3. Martin Kaba
    11:19 pm on August 21st, 2007

    Well open source does not mean Freeware, it means the source codes a free to all and can be modified and redistributed. This is not the case with Nero. As Ecoweb says its not completely open source. as the most used burner I thought it was worth mentioning.