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Erase and Rewrite your CD-RW with k3b

If you have to try out new Linux distributions you’ll certainly have to spend on CDs to burn most of the ISO files or you can simply get a few CD-RWs and use them again and again, erasing and rewriting, with the popular K3b — CD and DVD burner, that has little or maybe nothing to envy Nero Burning for Linux. Amongst its many features, I find it necessary to underline that it can erase and rewrite with no issues unlike many other Linux burners.
To erase your rewritable go to Tools -> Erase CD-RW; it is right there.
In Ubuntu, you’ll find it in the repositories, sudo apt-get install k3b else go to the download page.
K3b is free and released under the General Public License.
Better still, you can use the Gnome in-built burner — Brasero aka Bonfire. Just go to Tools -> Erase and get the job done.
You can also make more bootable multimedia CDs with the tiny but great utility (8Mb) eMovix