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Post to your Blog directly from the Firefox Extension ScribeFire

ScribeFire is a Firefox extension that can help you WordPress user and non to easily post to your blogs directly from Firefox. Bloggers can simply drag and drop pieces of text from around the Web into their blogs and then post. You can also use it as a notepad or to update-upload images and ads.

To install ScribeFire, you need to follow the famous three step process for installing Firefox plugins.

1. Get the ScribeFire extension
2. If you have default security settings on your browser, you should be asked for a “permit” to use this extension. After adding this site to the list of Trusted sites, click Install Now.
3. Once successfully installed, you’ll be asked to Restart Firefox.

After installing ScribeFire, you’re now ready for publishing.
Add the ScribeFire icon to your Toolbar for easy access => Go to View -> Toolbars -> Customize
and drag the ScribeFire icon to your Toolbar. You can also use F8 to get started.

If it is your first time to open ScribeFire, a wizard will guide you through the installation.
All what WordPress users need is the URL of their blog and the administrator_account (username and password).

ScribeFire is also compatible with the following services; LiveJournal,Windows Live Spaces, Performancing
Jeeran, Tumblr, MySpace, b2Evolution and Splinder.

After getting to your account, you can now post to your blog just as you would do from the WordPress Dashboard.

The formatting and posting is done from a well integrated, resizable, WordPress Posting- like window.
If you’ve been using WordPress for a while now, then you’ll find yourself immediately at ease with it, even though I found text-formating a little bit tricky.

You can “ categorize and tag your blog posts, upload images, set the timestamp of your posts, save works-in-progress as notes, post an entry as a draft, share your posts on social websites, and upload files via FTP. For help with these features” and more.
This post was done with ScribeFire. — Recommendable.