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Find Linux Alternatives to Windows Software

Switching to Linux might also mean saying goodbye to some of your favorite software, if that software is not available for the Linux OS, but it is good to know that in such cases there is often an equivalent application, with the same functionality with the one you left behind, so you just have to learn and adapt to this new product(easier said than done).

If you’ve just moved over to Linux, or are tempted but worried about how to get the right software for your distro, then know that the Linux Alternative Project has done part of that job for you. This list of alternative/equivanltent software is very exhaustive. You’ll find equivalents to popular softwares like Dreamweaver = Quanta Plus, Bluefish; Scribus in place of QuarkXPress or Adobe PageMaker and so on.

Formerly known as the Linux Equivalent Project, the project’s website is often updated and has long been of help to me.