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Firefox: An unofficial “Dislike” button for Facebook

For Windows, Linux and Mac: “Facebook Dislike” is a pretty but useless Firefox add-on that adds a “Dislike” button to Facebook that does what it says; it lets you finally dislike those links you formerly had to dislike only with a comment. Facebook right now offers only the “Like” button so without this extension you can’t voice your disapproval with a click.

The downside of this plug-in is that the developer uses his own server to keep track of both the “disliker” and the disliked item. This means you and your Facebook contacts have to install this extension to be able to see the “thumb-down” figure besides the “disliker’s” Facebook user-name – to bad because this extension really fits-in.

Facebook Dislike extension is free download for all platforms with Firefox. Its still in the experimental phase, it might have bugs.

via [Cnet News]