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How to Install gOS in Ubuntu


Transforming an old PC into a super web app monster could no longer be considered an exploit with the advent of the web-based operating system gOS. This Ubuntu based OS can be freely downloaded and burnt into a LiveCD and eventually tested on any of our “worn-out” PCs. More»

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gOS goes 2.0 with Google Gears

The Web based Linux distribution gOS, that went on sale a couple of months ago for the handsome price of $199 without a monitor at Wal-mart would soon come out with a new version. The gOS 2.0 would have Google Gears installed as well as a new a browser-based web cam application called gBooth – this would make it easy to pick-up photos and quickly share them on web services like Facebook, Youtube etc.
We also expect to see a better configured Linux distro and not just new packages. gOS still has alot to improve as concerns Graphics and driver support.
via [Business Wire]

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The Fedora Project releases Fedora 8.0.1

Fedora Project

The Fedora Project released last week the 2.6.23 based kernel Fedora 8. Fedora is a leading and well maintained Linux distros that packs-up both KDE and Gnome desktops into the same release. Fedora 8 includes the new Gnome 2.20 with a revamped control panel applet, and uses KDE 3.5.8. The KDE 4 is still a Beta and is available in the repository. The release notes says, it also includes better support for Bluetooth devices with better graphical and system integration. It comes with the PulseAudio sound server that is gaining more grounds with respect to other audio systems.
The Fedora Project distributes Fedora 8 in many ways; including the LiveCD or USB flash disk images that allows you to install over an Internet connection (you’re advised to use the LiveCD). Fedora can also be installed on an Intel-Macintosh without any particular system configuration.The Fedora Project is a community maintained project, sponsored by Red Hat.

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openSUSE 10.3 Live CD in KDE and Gnome


The first live CD by openSUSE is out for lovers of this experienced Linux distro. The live version of openSUSE 10.3 comes in GNOME or KDE desktop configurations and runs on Intel or AMD-based system. It could be used as a rescue system and comes with a built-in MP3 support.

openSUSE is well known for taking security aspects at heart, they are behind the AppArmor project, AppArmor is presently a pre-installed package in Ubuntu 7.10 (AppArmor is an application security tool designed to provide an easy-to-use security framework for your applications). I’m very sure they made this new comer a safe heaven. If you’ve tried this distro then let us know by commenting.

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Mythbuntu, the Windows Media Centre alternative


Mythbuntu, the Windows Media Centre alternative is an Ubuntu based Linux distribution that is dedicated to media. You can watch video and record live TV (with the help of a TV tuner), listen to music, or browse pictures. It is simply an all-in-one PC and entertainment centre.

Mythbuntu is practically the core of Ubuntu without all the extra applications included in Ubuntu. It ships with the XFCE4 lightweight desktop, that can be easily replaced at any time with one of the Buntus desktop (Ubuntu,Kubuntu or Xubuntu) using the Mythbuntu Control Centre.

Mythbuntu is recognized as a community supported project by Canonical, it’s development cycle closely follows that of Ubuntu, thus, it is released every six months shortly after Ubuntu releases. The recent release, Mythbuntu 7.10, is now downloadable as an .ISO that burns into a LiveCD. The LiveCD works as a MythTV front-end.

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