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H.264 support for Firefox Nightly Linux has landed

H.264 support for Firefox Nightly Linux has landed

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Nightingale's mother Songbird Discontinued

Nightingale's mother Songbird Discontinued

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Firefox Rolls Out Web Audio API Support

Firefox Rolls Out Web Audio API Support

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FLAC Audio Format gets First Update in 6 Years

FLAC Audio Format gets First Update in 6 Years

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Preview Of The Ubuntu Phone [Video]

Preview Of The Ubuntu Phone [Video]

If you haven't had the opportunity to try out the Ubuntu Phone firsthand by loading it into one of t[...]

How to run Opera Mini browser on your Computer

For Windows, and Linux: Opera Mini, the mobile version of the Opera web browser is certainly one of the best mobile browsers out there. Unlike Mozilla’s Mobile browser, Fennec, Opera Mini does not have builds for your computer, so you can’t get to test it before loading it into your smartphone, unless you use a walk-around like this one below;

To get Opera Mini on and running on your computer, do the following;
- First make sure you have Java Runtime Environment JRE installed on your system. [Update 1] How to Install Java Runtime Environment JRE7 In Ubuntu
- Second create a folder and call it OperaMini for example.
- Third, download into the OperaMini folder and extract MicroEmulator – it’s a pure Java implementation of Java ME in Java SE.
- Fourth, download Opera Mini .jar and .jad files into the OperaMini folder. [Update 2] Download the Opera Mini .jar and .jad files into the OperaMini folder.

Now run “microemulator.jar” in the microemulator folder by double-clicking on it or from your terminal do

 java -jar microemulator.jar



Go to Options -> Select device, click ‘Add’ and navigate to ‘microemulator/devices’ and select ‘microemu-device-resizable.jar’ then ‘OK’. In the next window, select the previuosly added ‘Resizable device’ profile and ‘Set as default’. Now ‘Resize’ to your taste – use your mouse to drag-out and resize.

That done, still on the MicroEmulator go to File -> Open MIDlet File” and select the opera-mini-advanced.jad you previously downloaded, now hit ‘Start’ to launch Opera Mini. Scroll down to the bottom and ‘Accept’ the EULA (End User License Agreement). You’re now set to use your Opera Mini.

via [Opera Mini - in 1280*1024!]

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  • http://operank-ankush.blogspot.com/2009_09_01_archive.html dreckinson

    This guy seems to have come up with really gr8 idea
    just download from the mirrors

    and then install like any other program

    serves all functions like saving pages, downloading also supports google maps at an amazing speed.

    • http://www.kabatology.com/ Martin Kaba

      @Dreckinson: Thanks for the tip, gonna try it.