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Metapad turns 10 and goes Open Source

Ten years after it’s first release, the feather-weight text editor metapad, a fantastic alternative to Microsoft’s Notepad has been freed, its source code is now freely available — it is now Open Source.

The light, fast, plenty-feature (w.r.t to Notepad), Windows-only ( 9x/NT/XP/Vista) text editor has for long proven to be more than a valid substitute to Notepad, thus has gained popularity amongst geeks and tech-blogs. Kudos Alexander Daveson – – the author.
What next: It’s time to go portable.

via [LiquclassNinja]

  • Nina

    I’ve been using Notepad++ for many years, and find it the best. it has it all. nonetheless i’ve got a friend that prefers Metapad

  • Serge

    @Nina: the bottom-line is Notepad++ is portable, Metapad is not

  • Mike

    I use Wordpad anything wrong :-) In Ubuntu apart “gedit” what other editors do we have?