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Special Recent Posts

H.264 support for Firefox Nightly Linux has landed

H.264 support for Firefox Nightly Linux has landed

H.264 support for Firefox Linux has landed, the same way it did on Windows. Instead of including the[...]
Nightingale's mother Songbird Discontinued

Nightingale's mother Songbird Discontinued

Pioneers of the Inevitable, POTI, maker of the once popular open source media player Songbird, has a[...]
Firefox Rolls Out Web Audio API Support

Firefox Rolls Out Web Audio API Support

For Ubuntu, Windows and Mac: Good news for Firefox web browser fans. Mozilla has pushed out Web Audi[...]
FLAC Audio Format gets First Update in 6 Years

FLAC Audio Format gets First Update in 6 Years

The Free Lossless Audio Codec, FLAC, loved by audiophiles for it's lossless fidelity has been update[...]
Preview Of The Ubuntu Phone [Video]

Preview Of The Ubuntu Phone [Video]

If you haven't had the opportunity to try out the Ubuntu Phone firsthand by loading it into one of t[...]

Ubuntu One Music Store Public Beta [Free MP3 Downloads]

Ubuntu One Music Store

Ubuntu One Music Store, one of the big features in upcoming Ubuntu 10.04 goes into public beta. Users and testers of Lucid Lynx can give a hand to the developers of this new feature by using (buying and downloading music) and giving feedback to the developers. The hope is to drive lots of feedback that will help build a more stable and flawless Ubuntu One Music Store by the time Ubuntu 10.04 is finally released.

To help you in the test, Ubuntu One Music Store has free music for you, you don’t have to spend your monies unless you really want to. Free MP3s available for download in the store are found at 7digital UK free mp3 downloads and USA free mp3 downloads .

The MP3s you download are dropped into your Ubuntu One file sharing account space, thence synchronized across all your computers with Ubuntu One. Remember Ubuntu One can also be accessed via the Ubuntu One website, just in case you’re not running a Ubuntu.
For more practical questions move to the Ubuntu One Music Store FAQ

Testing Ubuntu One Music Store involves,

  • MP3 codec detection
  • Search
  • Browse
  • Preview song samples
  • Add items to your basket
  • Checkout and buy process
  • Download to Ubuntu One
  • Sync to your computer
  • Songs added to your Rhythmbox library
  • Review purchase history in My Downloads

and reporting all bugs here – Bugs in Ubuntu One Music Store Rhythmbox plugin
via [Ubuntu One Blog] ~ Ubuntu One Music Store now in public beta

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