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Xandros Presto: A Quick-Booting Linux Partition for Your Windows

By • May 5th, 2009 • Filed under: Firefox, Linux Distros, Open-Source, Windows

Windows-Only: Presenting Xandros Presto – – in Five Screenshots. How long does it take you to boot your Windows Vista? Being such a resource hog, a 1Gb RAM Vista laptop can take you up to several minutes to boot up. That’s why Xandros thought of “Instant-On” Presto.

Mythbuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope Beta Screenshot Tour

By • Mar 29th, 2009 • Filed under: Open-Source, Ubuntu

Mythbuntu is a community built MythTV-focused distribution of Ubuntu. It aims at resolving the difficulties of setting up a standalone MythTV system with Ubuntu. MythTv as Mythbuntu becomes a full-fleshed open source DVR (Digital Video Recorder) application, with a solid developer community in the background. Its development cycle closely follows that of Ubuntu — it […]