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Blazing fast Opera 10.50 Alpha for Unix

Opera 10.50 Alpha for Unix

The Opera development team has released another development snapshot of Opera 10.50 browser for Unix/Linux. Opera “10.5 alpha showcases the latest technologies that will be available in” the “next major release”. This build contains many improvements, bug fixes and several known issues too; font problems, command line option problems, compiz issues, language input issues and many more.

Nonetheless, after testing it in my Ubuntu, i found this new snapshot more stable than previous and damn fast in loading web pages. You can also get-on watching HTML5 video. Try this one with all plug-ins disabled – Bringing video to the Mac (and a free movie!). Opera 10.5 for Windows is already a Beta. More at Opera Desktop Team.


  1. Lee Ferree
    2:18 am on February 20th, 2010

    I can’t wait to try this! Have you tried the dev builds of Google Chrome on Ubuntu yet? I think it totally screams!!

  2. Martin Kaba
    12:16 pm on February 20th, 2010

    @Lee Ferree: Yep I’ve got Chrome and Chromium dev builds on my *buntus