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Gmail Notifier Highly Integrates with Ubuntu 9.04

Gmail Notifier

Gmail Notifier for Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope is an awesome little python-install application that integrates perfectly with the gnome desktop, and immediately alerts you of incoming Gmail messages.

Gmail Notifier

The official Gmail Notifier by Google is only for Windows and Mac, for now – they say, but it’s been over a year or so that Mac and Windows users enjoy this goody -- and Linux is left out. Anyway it’s not the first time.

To get started, download and cd into the directory.
Install with sudo ./setup.py install
To configure go to System -> Preferences -> Gmail Notifier Configuration. To run Applications -> Internet -> Gmail Notifier . For a better integration with Ubuntu 9.04 this application needs python-indicate
sudo apt-get install python-notify python-indicate

Gmail Notifier

Gmail Notifier puts an icon on your top panel, it highlights your unread Gmail messages, and shows you only their subjects.

– You can also activate the sound notification option for incoming new mails.

– Naturally you don’t need to have your Gmail accounts open on any web browser whilst running this application.

Gmail Notifier for Ubuntu 9.04 is released under the GNU GPL v3 license and is now at version 0.8.
Continue in the personalization of your Ubuntu 9.04 – – with me

Download Gmail Notifier for Ubuntu 9.04
Update: Download Gmail Notifier

  • Niels

    I’ve followed the instructions, but I still don’t get an icon in my top bar. I have all the different files installed, but it just won’t display. Do I have to activate Ubuntu’s new notification thing somewhere?

    Thank you for the how-to.

  • http://www.kabatology.com/ Martin Kaba

    I hope you’re on Ubuntu 9.04 and have also installed python-indicate & python-notify

  • http://theindexer.wordpress.com/ Salimane Adjao Moustapha

    Have u tried checkgmail, you’ll love it :

    sudo apt-get install checkgmail

  • http://www.kabatology.com/ Martin Kaba

    @ SALIMANE: No I haven’t, gonna try it.

  • Darron

    @ NIELS if you downloaded ver 8.0 then you need to go to Applications / Internet / GMail Notifier and Allow application access to keyring. Always Allow

  • Nuri.U

    Hi, im download version 0.8 and read the readme file. install sudo apt-get install python-indicate python-notify python-gst0.10 python-gtk2 python-gconf.

    im try, gm-notifier says “wrong credential” not wrong. im sure.

  • http://www.kabatology.com/ Martin Kaba

    @ Nuri.U: if it says “wrong credential” then they are wrong. Just re-try.

  • http://www.bleedingpaper.com Alexander Hungenberg

    Hi guys,

    it’s very great to hear so many people using this small app. Fortunately there’s now a .deb Package available at the linked Downloadpage (thanks to Tom Vetterlein), so you can install it more easily and clean 😉


  • Tom
  • http://www.kabatology.com/ Martin Kaba

    @ Alexander Hungenberg: Hey Alex, you’re welcomed. You’re little application rocks. Kudos from me and from all the readers of this blog.

  • Caliad

    I have installed the package but when i want to configure it it hangs at the checking of the account :(

  • http://www.kabatology.com/ Martin Kaba

    @ Hope you’re on Ubunyu 9.04 and have also done sudo apt-get install python-notify python-indicate

  • nara

    I have install ubuntu 9.04 and all your requirement but still don’t see it’s icon on my panel.

    Thanks anyway

  • http://b2labs.com bboldi

    Free Cross platform Gmail notifier with cool animations http://home.b2labs.com/b2-gmail-notifier-freeware-animated-gmail-notifier

  • http://www.lifesriver.net SteelFroggy

    Man, is there anything like this for Google Voice notifications??
    This would be SO perfect, and exactly what I’m looking for!

    I know GV supports push now, so would this be possible?
    I already have everything else I could think of integrated all nice and swell, so this would make it PERFECT.

    Shouldn’t be too hard to create, or to modify this one I’d assume.. however I’ve no idea where to begin anymore. x.x

  • http://www.digitemb.com embroidery punching

    it’s very great to hear so many people using this small app.

  • http://www.magneticwoolunderlay.com.au/ magnetic underlay

    Is this still working after the new gmail API update?

  • http://www.kabatology.com/ Martin Kaba

    @magnetic underlay: What do you think, does it work???

  • szavanna

    Hey there 😉 Long time …. what a fun tool – thanks for posting handy info for people out there 😉 greetings from South Africa

  • http://www.kabatology.com/ Martin Kaba

    @Szavanna: Hey, long long time – I hope u are well Sza. All the best. Baci.