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Free games for your Linux platform

Linux games

Linux games for now are not up to what we find on Windows or Apple neither are they up to what we find on Xbox or PlayStation. Nonetheless it is good to know that they are good Open Source or free games available for various Linux distributions.

Linux Journal came out with a rather interesting list of free games for Linux. I tried out three of these games and can say they are utmost and run well even on a moderate pentium III workstation. To enjoy these games, arm your PC with OpenGL (Open Graphics Library) . Try them out.
Deadly Rooms of Death
War Zone 2100
The Battle for Wesnoth
There are certainly many more games for Linux out there. Help me extend the list.


  1. François Parmentier
    1:00 am on November 1st, 2007

    Here is a list of games (though it is in French, the names are there): http://www.jeuvinux.net/listejeux_type.html

  2. Kanute
    2:11 am on November 1st, 2007

    Thanks Francois for extending the list. I appreciate.

  3. Sgt Firestorm
    7:13 pm on September 28th, 2008

    My whole view on this is that Linux as a whole is growing even in the gaming perspective. The amount of games out there is enormous. I myself use Sabayon Linux which has a VAST selection of games in the repositories as well as coming with all the drivers and codecs and stuff that you need roght out of the box. This is truly plug and play stuff as it detects and installs the correct drivers FOR you and even can be updated via Entropy. It is a fast and advanced operating system that beats anything Microcrap or Crapple could ever put out. For games, I recommend this particular distro.

  4. Martin Kaba
    7:26 pm on September 28th, 2008

    @Sgt Firestorm. I timidly tested Sabayon Linux some time ago,certainly I did not explore it enough,thus I missed this whole part of it, the gaming part of it. In general when it comes to multimedia Linux is-the-place-to-be. Gamers should think about it.