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How to get Amule Adunanza working on Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex

Unfortunately, a full-functioning version of aMule-Adunanza for Ubuntu 8.10 – Intrepid Ibex still has to be released, and the aMule-Adunanza version for Ubuntu Hardy(8.04) you’ll find at SouceForge.net is not full-functioning (in some cases, it does not function at all) in Ubuntu 8.10.

To get aMule-Adunanza working on Ubuntu 8.10 I used the Debian Lenny version of aMule-Adunanza.

To begin, remove any old versions to avoid possible conflicts. From the command-line do

sudo apt-get remove – -purge amule-adunanza

for futher cleaning do

sudo apt-get autoremove – -purge amule-adunanza

Now downolad aMule-AdunanzA (Debian-Lenny) from SourceForge.net

From the command-line do

sudo dpkg -i aMule*

If you get any processing errors, it is because of dependencies, so do

sudo apt-get install -f

and immediately after type in

sudo dpkg -i aMule*

Now you have a full-functional aMule-Adunanza. (Applications->Internet->aMule-Adunanza.)
Happy Download.

For Security purposes change the default settings of aMule. Place the Temp and Incoming folders on an external hard disk or on a separate partition of your hard disk. To do so go to: Preferences -> Folders and change the default settings.