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WordPress Plugin – MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad

WordPress Plugin

MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad is a simple WordPress Ad plugin that places a little ad stripe at the top of your blog – that’s all; its an alternative way to put ads on your blogs. These ads sit right up there, where they can be seen by everyone. No pop-ups, nothing. It is very easy to use and can be customized to match with your site’s theme. You can place as many ads as you want – these ads can be rotated as often as you want.

If you are not using it to promote your products, then you could use it to invite readers to subscribe to your feeds, to show your best articles or to present a blog contest or ask your readers to donate for charity purposes and more – its just the easiest and (on of the) less intrusive way(s) to call for your readers attention.

The only draw_back is the ad “Powered by MaxBlogPress” the plugin author puts on on the right side of the Stripe – it cannot be taken off from, if this is not an issue for you, then why not get it – MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad. In exchange for the plugin you’ll be asked to make a little subscription.