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SimDock: An Easy to Use Gnome Dock and Launcher


Whilst Avant Window Navigator counts on it cutting-edge and complex looks, SimDock counts on its simplicity; to-use and to-customize. Written in c++ and wxWidgets, SimDock is just the dock/launcher a simple Gnome desktop needs – no Compiz nor 3D accelerator needed to get it fully functional.

Install it from the Ubuntu repositories by doing
sudo apt-get install simdock
and in a few seconds you’ll be trying its OS X like zoom effect.
To run it, do simdock at the command-line or go get it at Applications -> Accessories -> SimDock

It will not launch at start-up, you’ll have to manually configure that at System -> Preferences -> Sessions or from a terminal do gnome-session-properties Click Add -> name= simdock, command= simdock

To customize, right-click on the dock and take “Settings”.

To manually add new launchers, edit the home/username/.simdock/launcher.xml file

If you get the bug/error -> ‘/usr/share/firefox/icons/mozicon128.png’: file does not exist, it is beacuse, in Firefox 3 that file does not exist, so edit the launcher.xml file and change the Firefox icon path to “/usr/share/pixmaps/firefox-3.0.png”.

via [SimDock]