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Useful Firefox for Mobile Keyboard Shortcuts

Firefox Mobile Keyboard Shortcuts

I you have Firefox Mobile on your mobile device then try out these keyboard shortcuts that make browsing with Firefox Mobile “Fennec” much easier. Those who use Firefox on their desktops certainly know common shortcuts like Ctrl+T to open a new tab or Ctrl+W to close the current tab – these and others like
Go to Location Bar: Ctrl+L
Quit Firefox: Ctrl+Q
also work in Firefox Mobile.

To zoom in Firefox desktop you can do;
– zoom in: [CTRL +] or [CTRL Mousewheel up]
– zoom out: [CTRL -] or [CTRL Mousewheel down],

… in Firefox Mobile
Zoom in: Ctrl+Up arrow
Zoom out: Ctrl+Down arrow

To Open link in new tab: Ctrl+Tap on link
Back one page: Ctrl+Left arrow or Backspace
Forward one page: Ctrl+Right arrow or Shift+Backspace
Back one page: Ctrl+Left arrow or Backspace

See complete list of keyboard shortcuts and other useful information at Mobile Firefox – Keyboard shortcuts