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Facebook Chat Now Available Everywhere with XMPP [Pidgin and Empathy IM]

For Windows, Linux and Mac: Now that Facebook chat supports XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol) client formerly known as Jabber, it is easy to bring Facebook chat updates to your Ubuntu desktops via Ubuntu notification, libnotify.

All you need is a Facebook account, preferably yours, and an instant messenger of your choice; like Karmic’s in-built Empathy or Pidgin.

Empathy IM

With Empathy running; click on the envelop icon on the top-left of your screen or do Applications-> Internet-> Empathy IM Client, hit F4 to open the ‘Accounts’ window. ‘Add’ a new account and select ‘Jabber’ from the drop down menu, then ‘Create’.

Login ID: username@chat.facebook.com.
Password: Your Facebook password.
Tick the ‘Enabled’ checkbox to enable your new account. You’re now set to use XMPP ‘Jabber’ with Empathy in Ubuntu.

Pidgin IM

With Pidgin running, do Ctrl+A to open the ‘Accounts’ window, then ‘Add’. On the ‘Basic’ tab, select the XMPP Protocol.
Username: Your Facebook username
Domain: chat.facebook.com
Resource: Pidgin
Password: your Facebook password
Local alias: Alias

On the Advanced tab, then enter the following:
Connect port: 5222
Connect server: chat.facebook.com
Uncheck ‘Require SSL/TLS’

You’re now set to use XMPP ‘Jabber’ with Pidgin in Ubuntu.

via [The Open Sourcerer]