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Update Windows with Firefox plugin WindizUpdate


Windizupdate is a free and free ActiveX Firefox Plugin that helps you to update Windows without using Internet Explorer – IE. Many avoid IE to keep away from spyware and crazy toolbars. When IE gets corrupted and it often does, many other IE based applications like Windows Explorer , Outlook or Word do not function correctly – and updating your system becomes a problem.

Often, updating your system resolves issues with IE, but if you can’t do it with IE…

Unlike the IE Tab plugin for Firefox (often used by developers to quickly control how their pages look like with IE, others use it to update windows) that needs the presence of a working IE, this plugin can carryout a complete Windows update on a Windows PC without IE( you’ll have to edit your system registry files to remove IE and associate IE based applications with another Web/HTML rendering product for Windows to function correctly – not recommended.)

It is important to note that WindizUpdate is for English Windows only

This malware free website/plugin is compatible with Mozilla Firefox 0.9.3, Netscape 4.0, Mozilla Firebird 0.7, Opera 5, or K-Meleon 0.9 and the recent releases.

To uninstall, manually remove the npupd62.dll file from C:\Program Files \Mozilla Firefox\plugins – on Windows Xp