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Transform Web apps into Desktop apps with the Prism extension for Firefox


Mozilla has released an updated version of prism, the stripped down web launcher. Prism is practically a naked version of Firefox, with no plugins, themes; nothing. With Prism you can launch web applications like Picassa, Facebook or Twitter and websites independently –- just like any desktop application.

Whats new; Even though the installation of Prism on Linux was simple enough — needs no installation, the Mozilla team wanted make it easier for all (Mac and Windows users included) — they came up with the rather innovative Prism extension for Firefox 3.

With this plugin you can transform any desired website or web application into a separate application.
In this operation you can put a shortcut on the desktop or pick an icon to represent the web app. Users can also create a separate profile for each web application –- this makes it possible to install a web app twice and use it simultaneously with two different user accounts.