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Make Time-Limited visits to websites with x.minutes.at

x.minutes.at confirm message

x.minutes.at is a smart web utility that helps you control the time you spend on a website. In case you want to spend just 4 minutes of your time on Kabatology without exceeding it all you have to do is launch your preferred web browser and add http://4.minutes.at in front of kabatology.com,to get http://4.minutes.at/kabatology.com. The “x” stands for, time in minutes, so you can change that figure each time you visit different web sites, for example http://20.minutes.at/cnn.com.

x.minutes.at loads an iFrame so you can visit as multiple web pages on that website and the timer will still be up there until your time runs out, then you’ll get the alert message “Time’s up!”. The timer panel also has a plus and minus sign, just in case you want to add or reduce your original x-time.

But what happens if a website or webpage has a Frame-breaker code? Not all web sites like Frames. You’ll get this prompt message;

x.minutes.at confirm message

Hit “OK” to remove x.minutes.at‘s timer panel from the webpage or site and “Cancel” to keep the frame on.

via [Lifehacker]