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Free up memory in Google Chrome and Chromium with Purge Memory Feature [Linux]

That Google Chrome is sometimes is a memory hog is a well known fact, but what Linux users of Chrome and Chromium might have missed is that Dev Channels of these browsers like their Windows counterpart now have a memory purger that when used in some cases drastically reduces the memory in use by Chrome/Chromium.

If you’ve got RAM in surplus, this may not be an issue for you, if not try to reclaim that memory by adding this command line switch --purge-memory-button before launching your browser.
google-chrome --purge-memory-button
chromium-browser --purge-memory-button

After browsing for a while, when you find your browser is getting sluggish, press shift + ESC to bring up the Task Manager, hit the ‘Purge memory’ button and notice how your memory figures drop.
Google Chrome and Chromium power users can also improve their browsing experience by using the now present Content Settings that offers better filtering of web pages.