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Opera 10.51 UNIX packages (.deb, .rpm & .tar)

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The Opera development team has released Opera 10.51 UNIX packages; .deb, .rpm & .tar, but do Linux fans really need it, I say no. Opera 10.50 for Windows Final is already out there, Opera 10.50 for Mac is now a Beta – Opera 10.50 for Unix/Linux is still an Alpha, so Unix/Linux users have two alphas, Opera 10.50 and Opera 10.51. Where the hell are we going with all these alphas, it makes no sense. We need a working Beta of Opera 10.50 for a start, not another buggy alpha. By the way Opera 10.51 for Windows FINAL is out out.

Known Issues in Opera 10.51 UNIX

– Packaging: No desktop integration for users of old Desktop Environments on non deb/rpm distros
– Packaging: Extra unneeded GTK libraries get installed on some distros
– Packaging: Removal of ‘prefix’/’DESTDIR’ install script options
– Font problems
– Language input issues
– No KDE integration (yet)
– Problem with address field drop down position under non compositing Window Managers
– Black drop down menus for some KDE3 users
– Black border around Ctrl+Tab dialog when running under compositing Window Managers
– Some command line options don’t work