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Google Chrome Beta Linux adds Automatic Translations and Privacy Options

Chrome beta

Google Chrome Beta channel for Linux gets new features, the new update also fixes an issue with Google SSL sites failing with ‘error 107. Chrome 5.0.342.7 beta offers users greater control over content for privacy by adding the Privacy Options menu that helps you better filter web content, settings can differ from site to site.

– Automatic translations feature is also present, if offers to translate web pages that aren’t in your language, it is disabled by default, it can be disabled on a site by site basis, or altogether.

– A normal reload causes the browser to check with the server before reusing its cached content. The server candecide whether or not the browser should use its cached content. A force reload causes the browser to ignore its cached content and ask the server for a fresh copy of the page. Use Shift+Reload to force a reload (the reload keyboard shortcut varies by platform).

Google Chrome Beta Chanel is more stable than cutting edge Chrome Dev Channel, but only well tested features get-into it. Right now, with this new pack of features the Beta channel has little to envy the Dev Channel. Even the purge memory feature is present. To get on the Beta channel, you can download Google Chrome from http://www.google.com/chrome?platform=linux