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The Perfect Linux PC

is a 64bit with a very affordable price.
To have a PC with a 64bit is possible for many just as this
motherboard shows. It has very good components and it is compatible with the Penguin.
Characteristics: Socket AM2, chipset NVIDIA nForce4 SLI, 2 slot PCI, Express x16, Serial ATA
Manufacturer: Asus.
Price: 109 Euro
Web: www.asus.com
POINT OF VIEW 7600GS 256MB3D Desktop with NVIDIA
Quality/Price is good. Fully compatible with AMD64 drivers by
NVIDIA for GNU/Linux. Do you want to try the Xgl and AIGLX effects
Or play with the most recent 3D video games? This is the right card for you.
Characteristics: GPU NVIDIA 7600 GS, 256MB memory,
PCI Express 16x Interface, RAM-DAC Dual 400Mhz, TV-Out.
Manufacturer: Point of View
Price: 110 Euro
Web: www.pointofview-online.com
Creative is known to be the queen of consumer sound cards: Audigy SE
has adequate characteristics for home use , its economic and a good support
of the ALSA drivers.
Characteristics: Out-Surround 7.1, Resolutions 24bit/96khz, Ratio signal/noise 100db
Manufacturer: Creative
Price: 38 Euro
Web: http://www.creative.com
Wake-On-LAN included. Its nothing in particular but has GNU/Linux drivers.
Its certainly a good product with a good price.
Characteristics: Velocity 10/100 Mbps, Bus PCI, Wake-On-LAN & Full-duplex
Manufacturer: D_LINK
Price: 8 Euro
Web: www.dlink.it
USR 805423
Wi-Fi plug and Play
Made by US Robotics its compatible with GNU/LINUX using Ndiswrapper.
This Wi-fi USB product is the fastst way to connect two or more products
Characteristics: USB 2.0, 802.11g(54Mbps) Compatible & 802.11b(11Mbps), WEP & WPA
Manufacturer: U.S.Robotics
Price: 28 Euro
Web: www.usr.com
ADSL Connection
To avoid problems with compatibility, an ADSL Ethernet modem is the best choice.
It always works and its easy to configure.
Characteristics: Ethernet Interface 10/100Mbps, ADSL /Adsl2/ ADsl2+, PPPoE, PPPoA and
Brclassge Ethernet over ATM
Manufacturer: Zytel
strong>Price: 105 Euro
Web: www.zytel.it