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Songbird 1.8 ‘Orbital’ moves to Gecko 1.9.2, Namoroka

Songbird 1.8 'Orbital'

After dropping Linux support, the Songbird team has gone back to work, cause it takes only hard work to change the underlying layout engine, from the Gecko 1.9.0-based platform to Mozilla’s latest platform release, Gecko 1.9.2 a.k.a Namoroka.

As the developers themselves note, “transitioning to a newer version of the Mozilla platform is a complicated process and a huge project in and of itself. ”

Right now Songbird 1.9.2-based builds are available to download, for testing. Nightlies are available here:

The developers hope to get enough testing and feedback before the release of Songbird version 1.8.0 ‘Orbital’.

via [Songbird Blog]