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WP Subscribe To Comments

This plugin will allow your readers to get email notifications when comments are left on a post after their own. The install is very simple and does not modifyany WP core code. As well, it’s future-proofed to work, as is, with the next version of WordPress without your needing to upgrade the plugin. Download the Plugin from Here
Current Version:
Last Updated: 3/10/04 9:53 PM EST
Here’s the instructions (also included in a text file in the download):
1) Upload subscribe-to-comments.php to your wordpress plugins directory (this is in wp-content/plugins/ )
2) Upload wp-subscription-manager.php to the top level of your wordpress install directory (same directory wp-config.php is)
3)Add the following inside your comments form (between your <form> </form> tags) (in wp-comments.php and in wp-comments-popup.php):
If you’d like to display on your comments if a particular commenter is subscribed to comments or not – you can use this function: comment_subscription_status() like this (customize for your own use)

<?php comment_text() ?>
<p><?php comment_type(); ?> <?php _e(“by”); ?> <?php comment_author_link() ?>
<?php if (comment_subscription_status()) { echo “(subscribed to comments)”; } ?>

4)There is a plugin hook missing in WordPress 1.2 (but it will be there in 1.3 – so you won’t need to worry about making this change again when you upgrade. – But in order for this script to work in this version, you’ll need to add this change manually. In functions.php (in wp-includes folder) add the following line between lines 919 and 920: do_action(’wp_set_comment_status’, $comment_class) so the surrounding code will look like this:

if ($wpdb->query($query)) {
do_action(’wp_set_comment_status’, $comment_class); //THIS IS THE LINE YOU NEED TO ADD!
return true;
} else {
return false;

5)Activate the subscribe-to-comments plugin through the WordPress plugin admin page
You’re done.