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Unleash the Pc on Xbox and PlayStation 3 with Ubuntu

Ubuntu on Xbox and PS3

Each one of us has either PlayStation or Xbox at home. These are two different consoles from a technical perspective but both of them basically are Pcs. From Paul Thurrotts site you can get more technical information.
Dclass you know, you could install Linux – Ubuntu on your Playstation 3 PS3?
Its very easy. Ubuntu one of the leading Linux Desktop Distros has also a well known Forum Community that amongst many other articles offers us a very detailed Guide. The Question is why install linux on Playstation when you can easily get an old Pc(less cost). The answer is; because you can. Linux is like Aluminum Its very malleable(flexible).
Dclass you know a real PC lurks under Microsoft’s game console, XBOX?
Here’s how to release it. A group known as The Xbox Linux Project has pioneered the way on how to get Linux on Xbox. Whilst CRN gives you a well arranged Guide. Ones more Linux can find its way into the Microsoft world. We are not against Microsoft. Kabatology stands for diversity.
Wouldn’t you like to have the Linux OS of your Desktop on your PDA? You can, many are now porting Linux to one or another Pocket PC platform. Write to us and give us some examples, pictures and video are welcomed.