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Gtk Style in Qt – Gnome applications on KDE

Well I know many newbies in Linux often pose themselves the question, which is better, The KDE desktop or The Gnome Desktop. Well I’m not going far into this. For more have a look HERE. What I can say is KDE is often easier to use because its often similar to Windows graphically so newbies prefer it to the Gnome, that turns to be more original. Its all left to you. Ubuntu uses the Gnome Desktop, whilst Kubuntu uses the KDE desktop, but they both have the same Kernel, Graphic System, Compiler, Auxiliary Libraries and even the same Installation procedure. Only a few distros like Fedora core 6 and Mandriva have together the Gnome 2.16 and KDE 3.5.4 Fedora 7 would be out by 24 May 2007. Gnome 2.18 has been released and Foresight Linux 1.1 is the first distro to integrate it. Pls use the Garmone tool to simplify the installation of the new Gnome Desktop.
Gtk Style in Qt — Gnome applications on KDE

Here we’ll are going to see how you can easily change the GTK style in Qt. We’ve just said that KDE and Gnome are compatible — its just enough to install a few auxiliary programs, but unfortunately to guarantee the complete functionality of applications, the interface will never be perfectly integrated on the two desktops. This is because, these two desktops are developed using different graphic libraries: Gnome uses Gtk whilst KDE uses Qt. So when we use any application that was made for KDE on Gnome or vice-versa, there is a substantial graphic difference between the two and the applications are not perfectly integrated with the graphic environment. This happens for example with the graphical application Gimp. To resolve this and give Gnome applications a KDE style we have to install the Gtk-Qt libraries. The developers of this project have created an auto-installing program downloadable from Here or Download the Autopackage Binary.

After the installation we shall be able to style in Qt, Gtk programs using the apposite module in the KDE Control Panel.