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Konqueror – File Sharing and Browser is better than

Konqueror is a great application which is often overlooked and inappropriately looked down upon. The more I use Konqueror, the more I come to love it and the more ‘hidden’ features I find.
Here we will talk about the File Sharing aspect of Konqueror. See the other aspects HERE
But because of the browser war out there, i would like to add a little more. Konqueror may not be the best, but it offers a lot. It integrates perfectly with KDE so it can be used simultaneously with other KDE applications. RSS and Atom feeds are automatically detected and new subscriptions can be set directly in Akregator. Also, files can be downloaded with KGet and audio streams played in AmaroK.
It’s fast. Very fast. The fastest. It starts-up faster than any other browser as it’s part of the KDE. It loads the recently visited web pages faster and also renders the pages more accurate, leaving out corrupted html pages, which drive Konqueror crazy and makes it reach very high load times. It uses KHTML as the layout engine and it’s compatible with the most relevant open standards like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, SSL and so on. Moreover, it has plugin support, so rendering QuickTime movies or Flash Player animations won’t be a problem. I’ll just say, Konqueror has come to stay(its been around for a while).

Firefox 2 still rules the browser roost for now, despite a much improved version of Internet Explorer. The most obvious new feature for IE 7 (tabs) has been in Firefox forever, and the security additions from Microsoft aren’t enough for us to allay concerns over new possible exploits. Lastly, the extensibility of Firefox 2 is its knockout punch, and IE’s add-ons cannot compare. The flexibility and customizability of Firefox might be best suited to more advanced Web users, but it has earned its spot at the top of the browsers. Credits to C|Net Reviews

Konqueror, the browser/file manager of KDE gives us a very efficient short cut to arrive at shared resources, of the Samba type that helps us in a mix Windows/Linux network. It is usually enough to write down the path of the resource, preceded by the name or address of the server, making sure you specify the prefix.
For example to access the resource “Shared_Music” on the server its enough to write smb:// The IP address could be replaced by the server name to ease up the connection. Konqueror would automatically open a dialog box in case of need of a password. Its also possible to create a short cut on the desktop that points directly to the wanted resource, so it becomes easier to access.
Have a look at these screenshots