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Ubuntu Project Manual: Getting Started with Ubuntu 10.04 Released

Getting Started with Ubuntu 10.04

The Ubuntu Manual Team has released on time “Getting Started with Ubuntu 10.04”, a download-able comprehensive guide designed for the Ubuntu operating system. This very first Ubuntu manual from the Ubuntu Project Manual focuses particularly on upcoming Ubuntu Lucid Lynx that will be officially released today. The manual handles day-to-day tasks such as staying organized, listening to music, browsing the web, back-up, viewing and editing photos, microblogging, but it also covers delicate aspects like keeping your system up to date and basic security concepts.

Getting Started with Ubuntu 10.04
has lots of screenshots (a picture is worth a thousand words), the free PDF manual has been translated into more than 52 languages, you can grab a copy for yourself, modify it and redistribute under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike open source license. With this manual Ubuntu newbies should be able to download, and install Ubuntu 10.04 with no hassle.

I’m happy to be a little part of it, I feature in Translators – I alsodid a bit of blueprinting.