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Dock any Application to the System Tray with AllTray

AllTray Dock

Gnome, KDE, Xfce: AllTray is an open source application that docks to your system tray any application that normally is not dock-able because it does not have a native tray icon.
– There’s no limit to the number of applications that can be docked.

Ubuntu: After installation sudo apt-get install alltray, you’ll find under it Applications -> Accessories. It is enough to click with the cross-hair cursor on the window you would like to dock.

With AllTray you can also dock to your system tray applications you usually run from the command-line. example. ” $ alltray thunderbird” brings up, and immediately docks Thunderbird.
A right-click on the docked application permits you to “Show/Hide”, “Undock” and “Exit” the docked application.

Alternative Tray Docker: KDocker will also help you dock your undock-able applications into the system tray. For KDE and Gnome.

Download AllTray