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Tweeting from the Command Line with Twidge

Could Tweeting from the command-line be fun? Yep – if and only if you’ve got the right tool. Twidge, the open source microblogging client for Twitter, renders it simple and easy.

Ubuntu: Install from the command-line with sudo apt-get install twidge

To get started, in your terminal type: $ twidge setup This brings up the “una tantum” Username: adcdfgt@kk.com and Password: xxxxxxxx.
This information will be stored in the twidge configuration file where you can set various options. It normally dwells in your home folder ~/.twidgerc.
You’re done. Now post your first 140 text message via the command-line

– – To update your account do:
$ twidge update “Your Message Here.”

– – To get the twenty most recent updates from your followings
$ twidge lsrecent -su

– – To send a direct message to a given user
$ twidge dmsend username “Message Here.”

– – To follow a given user
$ twidge follow username

– – To unfollow a given user
$ twidge unfollow username

— where username = “Twitter user”

Do man twidge to get a more detailed manual of twidge.

Alternative: cURL (apt-get install curl) can get the job done. But it is less straight-forward than Twidge.

Download Twidge