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Ubuntu: Portal and Left 4 Dead 2 are now Yours Too

Ubuntu, Linux gamers now have access to Valve’s Half-Life, Half-Life: Blue Shift, and the newly released Left 4 Dead 2 aka L4D2. As an extra, the Left for Dead 2 contains Extended Mutation System. The launch of Half-Life 2 for Linux was inevitable, it was just about time. Keep in mind that all these games are still in Beta, for the Linux platform. Ignite your Steam Linux client to begin downloading these latest Valve Linux titles.

Ubuntu - Valve Portal Title

Forbes Carol Pinchefsky also reports that, popular Portal 2 is also available for Ubuntu’ers and Linux’ers if you’re running Valve’s Linux Steam client. I still have to run it, now I have a good reason to. “Although the Linux version doesn’t show up in the Steam Store yet, Linux gamers who already have Portal in their library will see Portal (Beta) appear”. Happy gaming.