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A Quick look at Prism 1.0 Beta Standalone

What can Prism 1.0 do for you, Ubuntu user?
Using Twitter as an example – Twitter already has many desktop clients like Twitux, Twidge – a command-line Twitter client; Now add Prism to that long list.
My Prism-standalone-Twitter-Launcher is practically a naked Firefox browser, without a navigation bar, no Titlebar, no add-ons or plugins. It apparently loads faster than the full-fleshed Firefox-Twitter.

What Prism 1.0 can’t do for you? I really expected more from Prism 1.0 beta for Ubuntu. Mozilla focused more on Mac and Windows. On Ubuntu 9.04, you’ll not get the built-in support for tray icons like in Windows – you’ll have to do that manually or with AllTray. It does not have system dock shortcuts like in Mac.
It is said to include pop-up alerts – so when you get a ping from web applications or an new mail like Gmail you’ll be alerted via icon indicators like in Gmail Notifier.
– If you can get these done, let us know in the comments.