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Opera Mobile 10 Preview for Nokia N900 and N800/N810

Opera Mobile 10 for Nokia N900 and N800/N810

Opera Software now has a preview of Opera Mobile 10 for Nokia’s Maemo mobile OS. The build has the same features available in Opera Mobile 10 for Symbian and Windows Mobile smartphones, that is, fast browsing with Opera Turbo, Bookmark and Speed Dial sync, multitask with tabs.

What Maemo users have to gain here is the presence of Opera’s super Carakan Javascript engine, this is the first public release of Opera Mobile to include it. Though this preview lacks JIT support for ARM, Opera says the presence of Carakan still gives this preview considerable speed when compared to Opera Mobile running on other platforms.

Opera Mobile 10 for Nokia’s Maemo includes the Vega rendering library which is responsible for rendering all the new eye-candy like CSS3 rounded corners and shadow effects.

Before downloading Opera Mobile 10 for Maemo on your smartphone, first read the release notes for all known issues that include amongst others the absence of power management support, no support for Adobe Flash and other plug-ins.