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Cairo-Dock 2.0 – A Unique Style

Cairo-Dock 2.0

Cairo-Dock is a highly configurable Mac OS X type of dock, with multiple themes, a smooth and glossy graphical effect; from 3d icons to plane view passing thru 3D view and more.

To install Cairo-Dock, you need to download the cairo-dock_v2.0.0_i686.deb, andcairo-dock-plug-ins_v2.0.0_i686.deb. Double-click on both files to install.

Cairo-Dock comes with two launching options. From Applications->System Tools you’ll find the Cairo Dock (no OpenGL ) option; and the GLX-Dock (Cairo-Dock with OpenGL) option – for proprietary drivers – – Nvclassia and others.

The OpenGL mode on some old Intel cards like mine might show a black background screen. So better use the no OpenGL option.

To enjoy fully eye-candy Cairo-Dock, you need Compiz enabled (├ža va sans dire), but you can still have its good taste with gnome’s in-built Metacity (read more on Metacity).

Cairo dock, is ready for use, out-of-the-box, for further configuration, right-click on the dock to bring up Cairo-Dock -> Configure. There you can also “Manage Themes”, “Lock Icons” or Click directly to the Community and Development site.

Download Cairo-Dock 2.0 [Cairo Dock]