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Force Chrome, Firefox and Opera Web Browsers to start in Private Browsing Mode [Ubuntu/Linux]

To force your web browser to start in the “track-free mode”, colloquially known as “porn mode”, or private browsing mode, use the command-line to launch the browser with a simple command-line switch.

Google Chrome and Chromium
To launch Chrome and Chromium browsers in the “Incognito Mode”, launch your terminal and type-in
google-chrome --incognito
chromium-browser --incognito

To launch Firefox in the Private Browsing Mode, drop in your terminal firefox --private
Firefox, unlike Chrome does not notify you that you’re already in the private browsing mode, but you’ll notice that in the Firefox Tools menu, “Stop Private Browsing” and “Clear Recent History” items are dis-activated. To leave the private browsing mode close the Firefox window and re-open Firefox without the switch.
Opera 10.5x unlike the other browsers mentioned above is capable of opening a new tab in the “porn mode”. So to launch the Opera browser directly in the private browsing mode type in your opera --newprivatetab
This will launch Opera browser in your startup preferences (last tabs, speed dial, home page) and a new private tab.

via [DownloadSquad]