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Mozilla rebrands Weave Sync as Firefox Sync

 Firefox Sync

Mozilla hasdecided to rebrand Weave Sync as Firefox Sync – but what’s is in a name? Easy to guess, Firefox Sync delivers the message, it sounds like synchronization is an in-built feature in Firefox, though it remains a plug-in.

Rebranding Weave as Firefox Sync is not the only new feature in experimental Weave 1.3b5 that is still in the Labs. Early adopters of Weave will find a completely new and intuitive graphical user interface, that will help new adopters when syncing their passwords, bookmarks, browser history, preferences and tabs to Mozilla’s backend servers.

Firefox Sync also boasts of an improved sync-response-time, support on Fennec (Firefox Mobile) devices like Nokia, bookmark backup before initial sync, a better account creation wizard and password changing, and a new JavaScript-based crypto wrapper, which enables experimental compatibility with Android, Pre, Mac 64-bit, Linux PPC and others.
If you don’t mind giving Firefox Sync a test, download it at Mozilla Labs. Click “Experimental Version” in the green bar.

via [Dknite’s Lair]