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A Faster Google Chrome 2 now ready for Download

Google Chrome 2 for Windows-only is now available for download.

You’re now set to update to Google Chrome 2 if you’re already using Google Chrome. If you’re not, then hit the download link and get what is supposed to be one of the fastest browsers, in distribution, available for download. Speed apart and bugs fixes, this is
What you can immediately expect from Google Chrome 2:

Improved New Tab Page: The most requested feature from users was the ability to remove thumbnails from the New Tab page. Now you can finally hide that embarrassing gossip blog from the Most Visited section.

Full Screen Mode: If you’ve ever given a presentation or watched a large video using Google Chrome, you might have wished you could use every last pixel on your screen for the content. Now you can hide the title bar and the rest of the browser window by hitting F11 or selecting the option in the Tools menu.

Form Autofill: Filling out your information in forms over and over again can be tedious. Form autofill helps by showing information you’ve previously entered into the same form fields automatically. If at any point you want to clear out your information, that’s easy to do from the Tools menu.

via [Google Chrome Blog]

Download Google Chrome 2