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WordPress: The Frame Breaker Plugin Gets Rid of the Digg ToolBar and other Frames

Diggbar or DiggToolbar is a virtual toolbar that sits on top of all articles/stories linked from Digg.com. It puts your webpage inside a permanent IFRAME, so when you navigate to another webpage, the toolbar remains on top.

– Frames in general are said to slow down your webpages loading time. Your diggbar like others will do the same, as the browser has to first download the all the Digg JavaScript files and more before your webpage.

So If you’re looking for a quick do-away-FRAME script or tool for your WordPress blog then grab the Frame Breaker plugin. This plugin is a simple piece of JavaScript, that breaks any “container” frames around your WordPress site. It will force your site out of frames from About.com, Digg.com, Ask.com etc.

Authors Note: Use this Link and see how the plugin blows up the Digg frame.

Download WP Frame Breaker