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SourceForge Acquires Ohloh Open Source Directory and Network


SourceForge the group behind SourceForge.net is known as a meeting place for open source software developers.

Ohloh is known for tracking open source software development, it brings together developers and user. In Ohloh, its easy to know who is using what application, who’s the developer behind it and what the community, you and me, think about it.

So what does Ohloh take home: They say “the goal of the acquisition is to leverage Ohloh’s software development analytics to improve SourceForge’s insights about the open source development community and help SourceForge provide more relevant advertising.”

Now that these two have merged in a holy marriage or better still, now that Ohloh has become part of the SourceForge brand; from my point of view, the open source community has all to gain. Kudos to Jason Allen and Scott Collinsin, and Kudos to Ohloh.

via [TechCrunch]