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A Native uTorrent client for Linux might be dropped

For worth it’s worth – Some asked for it, not many, about 3500 votes for a native uTorrent client for Linux. The uTorrent group writes back still on Idea Bank, which allows users to submit and vote for ideas they want to see implemented.  “We’re working on it, but I can’t tell you how the final release will be.” If it comes, whenever it does I’ll be happy, if it doesn’t no big deal its not going to change the way I use my Linux desktops.

Update 1: TorrentFreak, the BitTorrent devoted blog confirms the arrival of a non-open uTorrent client for Linux;  “We are committed to bringing a lightweight uTorrent client that embraces the usability and features of our Windows and Mac clients to Linux users.  The exact feature-set of the Linux client will remain a secret for now, but in common with other versions of uTorrent it wont be Open Source.” – read the complete article at TorrentFreak