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Ubuntu One Beta Finally Kicks Off

UbuntuOne Beta

Ubuntu One Beta, the Dropbox type of service by Canonical has finally kicked off, but not for all. When my invitation arrived I quickly moved on to test it.

Ubuntu One Beta

A quick look; it is very intuitive, yes, but damn slow and often breaks – – that certainly why it’s still a beta. To install, just read through the Installation Instructions. After that, get connected and start syncing. A right-click on the Ubuntu One icon menu, gives you the options;

Disconnect: to close-down the service,
Report a Problem
Open a Folder: Takes you to the local Ubuntu One folder in your Home Folder.
Go to Web: A direct link to your Ubuntu One File Sharing webpage

As said above, the service is very slow. I really couldn’t get to upload more than one file – – an mp3.
] If you are amongst the few selected to test Ubuntu One, Don’t forget to report any problems! [

Refer Bugs in Ubuntu One Client here. Some of the pertinent bugs mentioned:

1) Deleting a file is just too easy, it takes just a careless click to do so, without any confirmation the file is deleted. Needs a fix.

2) I can upload and download a file through the web UI, but I can’t create a directory. The “create sub-folder” option appears, and prompts for a folder name, but then does nothing.

3) No easy way to see how much free space you have left.