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Firefox Browser – new look with IFOX Theme

All platforms with Firefox: Beautify your Firefox browser with the IFOX SMOOTH 2.4.4 theme and let it look like this;(beautiful Navigation Toolbar, Scollbars and others)

firefox Screenshot

This works everywhere Firefox works. Go to Firefox Add-on page and install IFOX. You can use this LINK to get to the IFOX theme. After installing IFOX, on your Firefox browser and go to Tools >> Add-ons >> Themes and activate the IFOX theme clicking on “Use Theme”.

After the activation, close Firefox and reopen, you’ll then have this beautiful theme. Most Firefox Add-ons are free downloads. See others; FireFox Themes
Customize your Browser;
Right click on the Navigation Toolbar of your Firefox Browser and click-on “Customize”. From there you can add or take off what ever you want from the tool bar, for example you can take-off the white space by simply dragging it to the open window. Click on “Done” when you finish customizing.