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FFmpeg 0.6 “Works with HTML5” gets WebM (VP8) support

FFmpeg, the leading open source multimedia processing library has been updated to version 0.6 and code named “Works with HTML5”.

It is codenamed “Works with HTML5” as the special focus on this release were a lot of improvements that are relevant for HTML5 video. The H.264 and Theora decoders are now significantly faster and the Vorbis decoder has seen important updates. This release supports Google’s newly released libvpx library for the VP8 codec and the Matroska demuxer was extended to support to WebM container.

FFmpeg is a collection of software libraries that can record, convert and stream digital audio and video in numerous formats. It is notorious for being the backbone of open source media encoding/decoding and is used by popular open source multimedia applications including VideoLAN, MPlayer, Xine, XBMC and many others.

See complete changelog and release notes of FFmpeg 0.6. — released under the LGPL/GPL license.