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Gobuntu becomes an Installation Option in Ubuntu

After giving up the idea of being 100% Open Source, the Ubuntu team created Gobuntu, a derivative of Ubuntu – with the aim of providing a Linux distro that does not include any proprietary-ware. So Gobuntu “endeavors to adhere to the Free Software Foundation’s four freedoms and intends to provide a base for other free software platforms to build upon with minimal modification required. It will do this by “only including open-source non-restricted software. This means there will be no firmware, drivers, applications, or content included in Gobuntu”.

This is what Ubuntu was supposed to be, before falling gracelessly into the hands of proprietary-ware. The Ubuntu default configuration now includes non-free components such as drivers, and recently Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, made the Parallels Workstation for Linux available to users through the Ubuntu Partner Repository.

The idea to include Gobuntu into the forth coming Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex is good (that means the independent Gobuntu project has been dropped), as this offers an installation-option that installs only free software in Ubuntu — In other words, Ubuntu is back on the rails.