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Integrated PDF Viewer in Google Chrome

Chrome PDF Viewer

Google Chrome developers have been working with the web community, you&me, to define a “next generation browser plug-in API” that has now been deployed to improve the way we view and interact with PDF files in Google Chrome. Just like the native Flash Player plug-in introduced to Chrome months ago, a native PDF plug-in has landed on the Dev channel of Chrome.

Integrating plug-ins (Flash Player and PDF) by default address the shortcomings of the current browser plug-in mode, users now download Chrome together with the latest versions of these plug-ins, and no longer have to install them separately, further more, users these plug-ins are automatically updated using Google Chrome’s auto-update mechanism, eliminating “the need to manually download separate updates”, thus reducing the security risk of using outdated plug-ins.

“To further protect users, PDF functionality will be contained within the security “sandbox” Chrome uses for web page rendering.”

Given that native PDF plug-in does not support all of the advanced PDF features found in Adobe Reader, users who rely on these feature will have the possibility to launch Adobe Reader separately.

If you have Chrome dev, turn on the internal PDF viewer by typing chrome:plugins in the Omnibar. Scroll down to Chrome PDF Viewer and click ‘Enable’, that’s it. Integrated PDF viewing experience is available in the Chrome developer channel for Windows and Mac, Linux support is on the way.

via [Chromium Blog]