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Justin.tv Adds DVR Functionality

On my Ubuntu box streaming Tv boils down to two applications/web applications, SopCast and Justin.tv. The first, Sopcast needs to be installed on your system, the latter Justin.tv, goes every where there is a browser with the Flash plugin, great. But Justin.tv goes even further, it now has DVR – Digital Video Recorder.

Justin.tv will present to viewers a bar under each video that reads “Continue watching this later…” A click on it is enough to start recording the given live video. Justin.Tv will like preserve it for you, so whenever you come back, you can pick it up from where you left it.

Justin.tv will provide a link to the frozen live video with a message that looks like:

Use the link below to continue watching this broadcast when you have time, starting from what you’re watching right now (to within a few minutes).

The link to your frozen video expires in 7 days.

via [TechCrunch] | Justin.tv