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VirtualBox 3.0 Beta 1 Released


For Windows, Mac OS X, Linux: Desktop virtualization application, VirtualBox announced the release of a major update, VirtualBox 3.0 Beta 1.

New features added in this major update include:

– Guest SMP with up to 32 virtual CPUs (VT-x and AMD-V only)
– Windows guests: ability to use Direct3D 8/9 applications / games (experimental)
– Support for OpenGL 2.0 for Windows, Linux and Solaris guests

Added to theses are bug fixes for
* Virtual mouse device: eliminated micro-movements of the virtual mouse which were confusing some applications
* GUI: redesigned settings dialogs
* Shared Folders: sometimes a file was created using the wrong permissions
* Shared Folders: allow to change file attributes from Linux guests and use the correct file mode when creating files
* Shared Folders: fixed incorrect file timestamps, when using Windows guest on a Linux host
* More

You’re advised Not to use this VirtualBox Beta on production machines.

VirtualBox 3.0 beta is released under the GNU General Public License